Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the government is preparing to introduce new educational curriculum to meet the requirements of the country.

Addressing the 10th assembly of Lumbini-Bouddha University organized in Singha Durbar today, Prime Minister Oli said the educational institutes should be opened as per the manpower requirements in the country.

Oli is of the view that if the educational institutes were opened without carrying out study into the manpower requirements in a particular sector, the degrees of certificates obtained will soon be a source of distress rather than being the source of pride.

“A company is requiring an agriculture expert but we have certificates of some other disciplines,” Oli said, adding “This will turn the moment of ecstasy we get while receiving certificates into pain immediately when we end up in unemployment.”

He said he will recommend opening up the number of educational institutes only after making a thorough study on the requirements of manpower in a particular sector.

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